Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Motor offers precision valve control.

The new Limited Angle Torque (LAT) Motor, BEI Kimco model LAT22-18, for motorised valve control has been released by Sensata Technologies. This low cost, direct drive motor can be integrated into a valve assembly for thermostat control as well as fuel metering, air intake shut off, fuel shut off, or air start control applications.

Measuring just 2.2” in diameter by 1.8” in length, the motor features a coil assembly that is completely encapsulated to withstand the harsh chemical environment of the application.

The coil assembly also includes threaded mounting holes for easy installation into the valve assembly. The desired size and weight requirements were achieved by attaching permanent magnets directly to the butterfly valve shaft. The keys to the motor’s design are torque capabilities greater than 50 oz-in over an excursion angle of 90 degrees, operating temperature ranges from ambient to 257°F (125°C) and compact size.

In this valve control application, LAT technology was chosen over other solutions because the motor was designed to be used as a direct drive device. Direct drive motors eliminate gear boxes or other mechanical linkages that can break and wear, offering higher reliability and less maintenance. Additionally, because LATs are single phase, they are also simple to control and install.

“LATs are robust and more reliable when compared to other mechanisms such as stepper or other gear motors, and operate smoothly with zero cogging,” said Jim McNamara, Sensata Applications Engineer. “These features make them an excellent choice for precision control. If an LAT can provide the performance level needed for the application, it’s definitely the best way to go.”

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Online resource for lamp and luminaire afficianados!

Cortet™ by CEL announces a new online resource for manufacturers, integrators, installers and reseller of lighting systems, luminaires, lamps and control/management systems for industrial and office facilities, warehouses, and other large facilities.

“Businesses and manufacturers looking to expand their product lines within the Smart Building Technology space face a fractured and disorganized cornucopia of suppliers – with many products that do not talk to each other,” says Erik Davidson, Cortet’s Director of Marketing and Product Management. “The newly launched resource provides an easy way to find a complete selection of Smart Building solutions and products from various manufacturers that can be managed and controlled by a single technology and are all certified to work together, taking the guesswork and experimentation out of the product/technology selection challenge.”

In addition to blogs, resource libraries, FAQs, support center, etc., the new site features special “Powered by Cortet” and “Cortet Certified Partner” sections. 

The “Powered By Cortet” partnership program enables lamp and luminaire OEMs to provide and market a full range of local and IoT-connected control systems, integrated solutions and lighting accessories to their clients and customers. The “Powered by Cortet” program will also enable them to expand their next generation product offerings into additional automated and smart systems such facility security, air conditioning and heating, building communications, and other emerging industrial IoT solutions.

Cortet by CEL has partnered with a range of various equipment OEMs and suppliers to create a one stop shop that provides lamp and luminaire manufacturers with a complete selection of products and technologies, all tested and certified to work together.

To become a Cortet Certified device, a device must undergo a rigorous testing and certification program in the Cortet Test & Integration lab. Cortet engineers work closely with Cortet Certified Partners to ensure that the hardware and software for every device is reliable in a large scale wireless system. Once a device is certified, customers of Cortet solutions can buy it for use in commercial deployments. This includes products such as Leviton light switches and sensors, ILLUMRA self-powered lighting control devices and Magnitude Lighting LED drivers. Details here.

According to Mr. Davidson, “We are rapidly expanding our network of partners and are looking for others to join us in this tech umbrella. Feel free to contact us if you are interesting in knowing more about our partnership program.”

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers industrial lighting companies an exciting and highly effective way to manage an entire building’s various systems. More information about Cortet Lighting Control solutions can be found here. All Cortet Partnership and Certified products will interoperate with this new building control management technology.

Companies developing wireless products can find IoT Hardware products here.

Finally, engineers, developers and managers interested in the latest trends and technical developments regarding IoT, lighting control, and smart building technology can learn a lot from their new blog

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Quality accrediditation for photonics leader.

Gooch & Housego Orlando (FL USA) has received ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation from international registration body NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program).

Specifically, they are accredited for Spectral Irradiance and Total Spectral and Luminous Flux calibrations. This confirms the company's quality management system meets the requirements of the international standard.  (ISO/IEC 17025 covers general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.)

Prior to this accomplishment, the Orlando facility's QMS was certified to ISO 9001:2008 in 2012 through LRQA and maintains that certification in addition to the newly acquired 17025 accreditation. The facility has earned a worldwide reputation for high quality instrumentation and unique solutions to the most difficult and complex light measurement challenges.

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Coping with high temperatures!

The latest range of C Series Strain Gauges (SG’s) from HBM, is specifically developed to cope with modern temperatures (below 250 ° C) and minimise strain due to expansion.
Strain measurement at high temperature are among the most difficult issues for test engineers, as the basic strain gauge can often not distinguish between strain imposed by the intended mechanical process and expansion of the test material, due to its temperature coefficient of expansion.

As temperature changes during a measurement with strain gauges, this can have undesirable effects on the result. With this in mind, the latest range of Strain Gauges from HBM has been specifically developed for high and low temperatures from -269° C to +250 ° C – and is available with various geometries and temperature adjustments.

Featuring good mechanical flexibility and optimum adaption to the material measured, the measuring grid of the latest C Series consists of a distinctive, chrome-nickel alloy on a polyimide foil and is ideal for structural tests at exceptional temperature conditions.

Also suitable for applications in research and development, the automotive industry, and power plants and superconductors, the latest C Series of Strain Gauges provides a flexible and cost effective solution for tests in both high and low temperature environments.

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Partnership delivers modular data centre solutions.

Rittal and HPE offer solutions for IoT and Edge
From left: Andreas Keiger (Rittal), Mark Lepore, Brian Whelan, David Winn (HPE), Markus Fischbach (Rittal), Mike Fallos (HPE), Ray Snider, Thomas Schreiner and Dirk Miller (Rittal). 
Foto: Rittal GmbH & Co. KG
Rittal is to partner with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to jointly deliver modular data center solutions for the global market. Rittal will bring to the joint market approach their broad portfolio of modular and scalable datacenter solutions from a micro data center to largely scalable container solutions. This will be complemented by HPE Pointnext-services.

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a valuable partner for Rittal, bringing us a broader reach to help customers quickly with high end complete datacenter solutions according to their needs”, said Andreas Keiger, Executive Vice President Sales, Rittal.

The partnership will offer complete IT solutions and competencies, bringing customers worldwide the support, equipment and consultancy that is needed to take advantage of the latest IoT and IT Edge requirements.

Commenting on this partnership Brian Whelan, WW Director Data Center Facilities, HPE, said: "Rittal´s modular "lego-style" system for IT Infrastructures fits perfectly with our own offerings and capabilities, helping to provide customers a simplified and seamless experience."

This partnership will focus on markets requiring "plug and play" Hybrid Cloud and Edge solutions. Customer benefits are core data center performance at the edge, agility, proven technology, fast and easy deployment, and cost and energy efficiency.

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White sockets.

The successful Dual DC Power Socket is now available in white to facilitate design into medical, domestic and personal electronic products. The white Dual DC Sockets, from Cliff Electronics,  are available with solder tag or 90° PCB mounting and both feature on-board switch contacts. Matching white power leads also available to provide OEMs with complete power connection solutions.

John Hall, Director of Cliff Electronics, comments; “Our patented Dual DC sockets have been a great success and we are pleased to be able to offer them in white to increase the markets available to us. We are leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectors for power and audio markets and supply major international OEMs. This is an excellent example of the benefits of being UK manufacturer which allows us to respond quickly to our customer’s needs.”

Designed for portable and rechargeable products CLIFF’s unique, patented and highly successful dual socket is rated at 12V/5A and accepts both 2.5mm power plugs, which are standard in the USA, as well as 2.1mm plugs used in all other markets. Being able to accept the two most common power connector plug sizes used worldwide simplifies system design and manufacture and offers OEMs reductions in inventory and suppliers.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Methane gas detector.

Ashtead Technology has launched an advanced natural gas detection system that is able to differentiate between different gases and does not require a hydrogen source gas. Developed and manufactured by Inficon, the IRwin® is a portable, intrinsically safe methane specific gas detector with additional capability for LEL, oxygen and toxic gas measurements.

“We have been hugely impressed by the IRwin,” says Josh Thomas, Ashtead Technology’s Regional Sales Manager. “It has been designed to improve the quality of measurements whilst also making the process quicker and easier – by using an advanced infrared sensor the IRwin avoids the need to carry hydrogen, and in combination with a special gas filter, it prevents interference from water vapour, ethanol or exhaust gas.

“The instrument is lightweight and battery powered, so it is simple and comfortable to use, and a wide range of modular accessories are available with different probes for almost any surface or application."

This video below provides a more detailed explanation of the probe options provided by the IRwin.”
Highly sensitive, with a measurement range of 1ppm to 100% methane, the IRwin’s infrared sensor system (patents pending) has a very short reaction and recovery time, which dramatically improves the speed and accuracy of leak detection, whilst preventing false leak alarms. A specially developed GC and sensor combination allows fast distinction between marsh gas and natural gas from all known natural gas sources.

For survey work, an integrated GPS chip allows reliable tracking and wireless Bluetooth communication enables quick and easy data transfer to PC at the end of the day.

Ashtead Technology will offer the fully featured IRwin SXG model for hire, but this, and a range of other models, is also available for purchase. In addition to methane, the SXG is also able to measure ethane, propane, butane, CO2, CO and H2S. “This ability to speciate makes the SXG ideal for a range of environmental applications including landfill, composting and biogas sites in addition to leak detection from piped natural gas networks,” Josh adds.

“By offering rental instruments in addition to every model in the IRwin range for purchase, we aim to meet every individual customer’s financial and application-specific needs, and our team of trained advisers are available to help in the choice of the most appropriate model.”

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