Friday, February 24, 2017

Tank inventory management software.

Endress+Hauser releases SupplyCare 3.0, an update to its IIoT application for tank inventory management. SupplyCare provides a complete overview of levels and product inventory in a company’s tanks and silos worldwide. Enhancements in SupplyCare 3.0 include hardware and software options allowing level, flow and pressure data to be displayed at a desk or handheld device regardless of location—and advanced inventory tools for forecasting, reporting, stock analysis and other functions.

SupplyCare Enterprise runs by default in an Apache Tomcat-environment on an application server as a service under Microsoft Windows. Operators and administrators access the application via a web browser from their desks or handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. SupplyCare can create reports in various formats including Excel, PDF, CSV and XML. Data can be easily shared with and used by other systems and computing platforms.

SupplyCare 3.0 receives data from local I/O at a company’s tank farms and refineries; from third-party platforms such as control systems, data historians and ERP systems via OPC DA technology; and from email servers at gateways. This allows a company to monitor tank levels and inventories worldwide to help manage its entire operation. For example, SupplyCare 3.0 detects events such as falling below safety stocks or plan points, and sends e-mails to predetermined users.

Whenever there is a technical problem, such as a connection failure, SupplyCare sends alarm messages and e-mails to the system administrator and designated contacts. The system can receive measured values from two redundant data sources. In case of failure of the primary data source, the system switches automatically to the secondary data source.

Enhancements in SupplyCare 3.0 include SupplyCare Hosting SCH30 and Enterprise SCE30B software that provide inventory visualization, forecasting and reporting tools, stock analysis and reconciliation between plants, planning and scheduling inventory transfers, monitoring of alarms and events, and visualization of sites and stocks on a geographical map.

New IMS SXS70 Middleware enables the integration of SupplyCare data with ERP or MES systems. The middleware has four workflow modules that use standard data formats and connectivity methods such as XML, JSON, REST and SOAP. The middleware can connect directly to a company’s ERP system, or send data to customers or other parties via the internet.

New hardware enhancements include Fieldgate FXA42, a gateway that acquires data from local level, flow and pressure instruments; sends it to the local control system; and transmits it to SupplyCare via an integrated web server. Also new is the Connect Sensor FXA30, a battery-powered cellular gateway for remote monitoring of level, flow and pressure instruments in locations where power is not available. It transmits data to SupplyCare via a wireless cellular phone connection.

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PCB connector.

Harting has introduced a 2-piece angled printed-circuit board connector which allows a standard M12 circular connector to be mounted in a configuration that allows access to space-saving switches.
The new M12 2-piece angled connector is available in the male and female variants as well as with A and D coding, making it possible to implement a variety of flexible configurations for supplying power to switches and other devices. The codings incorporate power-supply links and Fast Ethernet communication at up to 100 Mbit/s.

With its 90° angled construction, the M12 circular connector is ideally suited to mounting on printed circuit boards which are placed flat in a rack or a device, where it offers significant space-saving benefits.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

The biggest network cyber threat!

Protect against the biggest threat in network security – your employees

A new course on Computer Network Security has been launched by Alison. Coming off the back of an IDC forecast at the end of 2016 that claimed spending on cybersecurity will grow to €96 billion ($101 US billion) by 2020, the course offers employers who are concerned about online attacks the opportunity to educate their employees at no charge.

Mike Feerick, Founder and CEO of Alison, said: “Given the grave risk hackers and other cybersecurity threats can hold for businesses worldwide, it’s logical that businesses would mitigate against that risk by educating their employees. Lloyd’s have reported that organisations lose more than $400 billion (€380b) per year to cyber-attacks, and one of the biggest threats organisations face is carelessness by their own employees resulting in critical information falling into the wrong hands.”

The course is a timely solution for companies looking to avoid becoming victims of preventable cyber-attacks. The content covered includes the core principles of network security, elements of risk management, physical security, methods of authentication and password security.

Mike added: “Since our course is available online for free, it’s a no-brainer that employers should ensure all of their employees achieve a pass mark in it before they are given access to sensitive information.”

The course is designed to give employees at all levels or anyone who wishes to learn more about network and computer security a comprehensive introduction to network security, and in particular for junior level IT specialists, computing students, and computer network engineers. Alison caters for a wide variety of vital workplace skills including business communication, public relations, marketing and entrepreneurship.

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EX magnetic sensor withstands temperatures of down to -60°C.

Many users prefer non-contact sensors, especially in subzero applications, because, unlike electromechanical switchgear such as position switches, they do not run the danger of malfunctioning due to freezing moisture.

For this – admittedly highly specialised – application field, the .steute business unit "Extreme" has now developed a new series of Ex magnetic sensors. These cylindrical sensors of M20 diameter are cold-resistant down to -60oC and are also tested and approved according to ATEX and IECEx for use in gas Ex zones 1 and 2.

This makes them suited to environments which make up an increasing number of the customer queries received by steute – for example offshore plants installed in Arctic regions, or ships travelling through such regions, like gas tankers.

In these extreme conditions, the non-contact active principle makes sealing of the housings easier and guarantees durability: the mechanical lifespan of these sensors is over one million switching cycles, while the electrical lifespan has been calculated at 106 … 109 switching cycles.

The housing material – a high-quality fibreglass-reinforced Duroplast – guarantees that the high protection class of the magnetic sensors (IP 66 to IP 69) is maintained in these subzero temperatures, even after a 7-Joule impact test.

This set of features – particularly the large temperature range – makes the new series suitable for position monitoring of flaps, valves, lids and other moving components, for example in plants found in the oil & gas industry (onshore and offshore) or in the field of shipbuilding and port facilities. Other fields of application are handling systems on oil rigs and position monitoring on crane booms.

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Network functions virtualization success.

Anritsu has successfully completed the 1st NFV Plugtests™ at the first of its kind event organized by the European Telecommunications Standardisation Institute (ETSI) with the scope of validating and testing Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) interoperability.

The event was organized by the ETSI Centre for Testing and Interoperability and took place between January 23rd and February 3rd 2017 at the 5TONIC Laboratory in Leganes (ES).

Anritsu participated with their MasterClaw™ vProbe VNF solution with the aim to validate interoperability with commercial and open-source MANO and VIM implementations.

Participants to the multi-vendor interoperability event included 13 VNF vendors, 9 MANO suppliers and 11 NFVI/VIM solutions. The Anritsu vProbe VNF registered a 100% success rate on the executed test cases, proving multi-vendor compatibility and market readiness.

“Anritsu understands how crucial these interoperability events are to help progress the industry towards Telco Cloud and we are pleased to have taken part in it. For Anritsu, the event has shown the advances on our journey towards cloud native Service Assurance and what our focus should be on next” stated Neil McKinlay, CTO Anritsu Service Assurance.

Part of Anritsu’s MasterClaw multi-dimensional Service Assurance solution, the MasterClaw vProbe is capable of passively monitoring NFV and SDN networks and services (vEPC, vIMS, vPCEF/PCRF, etc.) enabling use-cases such as network service troubleshooting, real-time service specific KPI monitoring, real-time streaming analytics, market leading CX and multi-dimensional network analytics solutions that are key to improving Customer Experience.


Reliable relays!

JPR Electronics stock a wide range of high quality relays from Finder. Established in 1954, Finder manufactures over 12,500 different products, including step relays, light dependent relays and many other products for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Paul Raynor, Director of JPR Electronics, comments. "Finder relays offer a very reliable switching solution for mission critical or long operating life electronic systems and industrial applications. Over the past 60 years Finder have established an enviable reputation for their products and customer support which is highly valued by our customers. Design engineers and buyers buying electronic components from JPR should make Finder their first choice for relays."

The Finder relay range on offer from JPR includes standard and low profile, PCB socket mounted relays and DIN Rail versions with LED indication of actuation. SPCO and DPCO contacts are available with current ratings across the range from 1.25 to 16A and operating voltages of 5, 12 or 24VDC and 110 and 230VAC. Also available is a forcibly guided contact double pole relay series specifically designed to meet the increasingly stringent international safety standards required in plant, process, safety circuits, emergency stop and critical monitoring circuits. The forcibly guided contacts enable positive monitoring of contact state in compliance with EN50205 type B, and meeting IEC 62061 (2005).

JPR can also supply a bi-function IP60 rated plug in timer for use in conjunction with Finder 40 series relays.

Finder relays are form-fit-and-function compatible with many widely used industry standard relays giving designers’ access to cost effective, high quality, very reliable products. All Finder products carry international safety agency approvals.

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High-reliability load pins.

VPG Transducers has introduced the Model 5113 and Model 5117 load pins.

Model 5113 and Model 5117 load pins provide reliable and repeatable measurements of force, tension, load, and overload parameters, with an industry best-in-class safe overload capacity of up to ±250 kN. Their robust design incorporates VPG’s own proprietary foil strain gage sensing technology, bonded onto a zinc-plated hardened alloy steel body. Units are highly compact, with the Model 5113 measuring 38 millimeters, and the Model 5117 measuring just 25 millimeters, facilitating their ease of installation within space constrained environments.

The load pins are offered in choices of three unique rated capacities from ±25 to ±60 kN. They further incorporate an embedded ratiometric voltage output converter and IP66 environmental protection. Alternate connector types, cable lengths and other customization options are available upon request. Please consult VPG Transducers for details.

The long-term stability and reliability of Models 5113 and 5117 make them an ideal choice for the support of virtually any control or safety system, including those operating under severe load and environmental conditions. Both models may be used as direct drop-in replacements for legacy load pin solutions, including those installed within typical off-highway and agricultural vehicle trailer hitch systems. In this instance, the Model 5117 is typically mounted onto the top arm, while the Model 5113 is installed onto the bottom arm. Other applications include off-road vehicles, plowing vehicles, cranes, hoisting gear, pulley shafts, winches, chain and brake anchors, bearing blocks, tensioning systems, elevators, floor conveyors, commercial and civil aircraft, chemical processing and R&D.

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