Friday, December 2, 2016

Level with optimised communications.

Baumer has expanded the successful CleverLevel series with two new variants – the LBFH and LBFI. They are available with two switching outputs, qTeach and a 360° output status indicator. In the same way as their predecessors the level switches are based on frequency deviation technology and are suitable for both hygiene and industrial applications.
The level switches offer various programming options to suit different requirements. The convenient qTeach procedure is of great advantage especially for small installations with simple control systems. The sensors can be easily adjusted with any ferromagnetic tool, thus making it possible to quickly adapt to changing process requirements on site.
The two switching outputs make it possible to set two trigger thresholds. This means two different process steps, such as production and cleaning, or two media groups, such as water and oil, can be monitored with one sensor. This saves on storage and costs. The two switching outputs facilitate a plausibility check of the sensor. Complementary trigger point setting ensures sensor faults and wire breaks are reliably detected, thus guaranteeing effective monitoring of all processes.

The multicolored switching status indicator provides reliable feedback on all parameterization steps to support effective process control.

Both variants are suitable for use in temperatures up to 135 C while the variant for hygiene applications has SIP capabilities.

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Low cost RF Connectors.

Intelliconnect (Europe) has introduced the new Taurus range of low cost high quality, industry standard coaxial connectors and adaptors available from stock in Britain and delivered on a 1- 3 day lead time.

The Taurus range of connectors.
These connectors are supplied with the same high level of quality control as their Precision and Pisces ranges. Taurus connectors are available in widely used industry standard formats including BNC, SMA, SMB, MCX and N Type.

Typical applications for the new Taurus range includes medical, telecoms, satcoms, instrumentation military, aerospace, space, general microwave communications, rail traction, oil and gas and marine systems.

The new low cost connectors can be found and specified on the recently updated Intelliconnect website  which offers visitors easier navigation and improved search facilities and a new “Quote Basket” facility allowing customers to automatically request a quotation for selected products.

The latest brochure featuring all Intelliconnect products may also be downloaded from the homepage. The new online cable selector enables customers to build a custom cable assembly on the website and send it to Intelliconnect for a quotation by return. Customers can choose required

The new Intelliconnect website also has full information on their established and very successful Precision Range, Pisces IP67/IP68 Waterproof Range, Covert, Triaxial and Multipin connector ranges.

“Our new Taurus range of low cost RF connectors opens up new markets for us and allows us to compete for price sensitive standard product business.” Comments Roy Philips, Managing Director of Intelliconnect Europe Ltd. “The new products support our very successful custom connector designs which we can turn around in just seven weeks. The Taurus Range of RF connectors are available ex-stock and makes us a one stop shop for our customers. This wide new range of products combined with our recent award of Bronze Signatory Status to the SC21, Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industry Supply Chain Programme, will enable Intelliconnect to grow rapidly over the next few years.”

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Logistics module for Slovenia.

The P&P Group in Slovenia, recently expanded their business to incorporate SMT d.o.o in 2003 and specialises in the development of complex electronic systems with extensive experience in the development and manufacture of sophisticated custom-made electronic devices.

SMT Slovenia’s core business is the development and production of custom-made electronic devices incorporating design for manufacture, SMT and THT component assembly and complex testing.

A customer of Aegis since 2014, SMT Slovenia this month saw the successful introduction of the FactoryLogix R3 Logistics module into their facility. FLx R3 contains a significant number of enhancements and features in addition to the new logistics module to improve the entirety of manufacturing operations — from Material Incoming Quality Control and Sampling, Material Receiving and Labelling, Automated and Manual Warehouse Management, Material Kitting and Dispatch, Production Planning and Scheduling, Mobile Material Management through to Comprehensive Programmers Interface (API).

David Breulj, Project Manager at SMT d.o.o commented “The purchase and installation of Aegis’ FactoryLogix Software underpins SMT Slovenia’s ability to support our customers throughout the electronic manufacturing process – including design and engineering, supply chain management, assembly and testing together with added flexibility from manufacturing prototypes as well as small or large volumes”

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Room climate transmitter!

The EE800 room transmitter from E+E Elektronik combines CO2, temperature (T) and relative humidity (RH) measurement in a single device. It is ideal for use in demand-controlled ventilation and indoor climate control. In addition to the standard housing colour “signal white”, the EE800 is now also available in "anthracite grey" and "white aluminum", which are the most common colours of light switches and power sockets.

Besides modern design and new housing colours, the EE800 impresses by its technical features. The dual wavelength NDIR CO2 measuring principle with auto-calibration is highly insensitive to contamination, compensates for ageing effects and leads to outstanding long-term stability. Additionally, the multi-point CO2 and temperature factory adjustment ensures excellent CO2 measurement accuracy across the entire temperature working range.

Out of the RH and T measured values, EE800 calculates the dew point temperature. The versions with Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP interface calculate also further physical quantities, such as absolute humidity, mixing ratio or specific enthalpy. The digital interfaces allow for easy integration into a modern bus system for building automation.

The EE800 versions with analogue outputs (current or voltage) also feature an optional passive temperature output.

An optional USB configuration adapter facilitates easy setup and adjustment of the device.

•  E+E Elektronik Products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

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Examining components with shiny & diffusely-scattering surfaces.

The new Trevista X4 models from Stemmer Imaging,  utilise a patented 2.5D process, called Shape from Shading, and are especially suited to the examination of components with shiny and diffusely-scattering surfaces. Surface defects such as scratches, burrs, dents, discolouration or grinding marks, even if only a few micrometres deep can be detected with significantly greater certainty with this process than with conventional image processing systems.

The X-4 generation offers structured, diffuse dome illumination that is brighter by a factor of 2.5 compared with the previous models, enabling faster image acquisition. For a typical image size of 4 Mpixels, evaluation using the Trevista algorithm takes place around 20 % faster than before, which results in potentially lower cycle times.

Depending on the application, the new models also provide a measuring field that is larger by up to 50 %. In the smallest version, the diameter of the measuring field is increased from 20 to 30 mm and in the medium-sized variant from 50 to 75 mm, without any change to the physical mating dimensions of the lighting domes. The largest Trevista variant continues to have a measuring field diameter of 200 mm.

The system controller has been reduced to approximately 30 % of the installation space of its predecessor. In addition, the controller electronics have been completely reworked and temperature monitoring of the lighting and the controller has been integrated. To simplify installation and operation, a parameter setting tool is provided to set up the system.

The new CVS Trevista X4 models can be supplied as complete systems. In addition to the lighting unit, they also include the appropriate lens for the particular application, the matching camera, a PC and a choice of software packages between Sherlock from Teledyne DALSA or Stemmer’s own Common Vision Blox library.

The industry-standard design of all Trevista models enables easy integration into the production process. The complete systems are assembled in accordance with customer requirements and delivered fully tested, thus enabling users quickly to put them into service in their installation. For effective on-the-job training on Trevista systems, Stemmer Imaging provides special courses at the European Imaging Academy.

CVS Trevista Surface and CVS Trevista Cylinder can be used for the inspection of flat, stationary component surfaces or cylindrical shell surfaces respectively. CVS Trevista Multiline is used for the examination of components in rotational or translational motion.

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Gas detection instrumentation for German agency!

Ion Science has recently supplied 300 Tiger volatile organic compound (VOC) monitors to Germany’s Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) where they are part of the vital chemical measurement system on board CRBN ‘first responder’ reconnaissance vehicles. The hand-held photoionsation detector (PID) was chosen for its industry-beating anti-contamination design and ability to provide continuous, real-time measurements reflecting the potentially hazardous situation.

In response to new threats such as 911 and the flood catastrophe of 2002, the BBK was established on 1 May 2004 as part of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The interdisciplinary approach of this office includes all services of civil safety prevention and links them to an efficient protection system for the country’s population and its basic survival needs.

Each of the 300 CRBN reconnaissance vehicles in operation across Germany will have a Tiger instrument on board. The 4x4s are used to measure, trace and report chemical contamination, find debris and to mark and monitor contaminated areas. The crew consists of four people; two qualified teams per vehicle can operate in turns.

Clemens Verley from Ion Science Messetechnik (ISM) comments: “CRBN disasters require immediate and proper intervention. Rapid survey of large areas with the help of on board systems and simultaneous reception of GPS data allows immediate formulation of contamination profiles for population protective measures. Each vehicle’s chemical measurement system includes a VOC monitor and ion mobility spectrometer.

“In Germany, the Tiger is becoming increasingly recognised as the best performing PID on the market and widely used by the fire department, for example. We worked closely with BBK to fully understand their application and unique monitoring requirements. They subsequently chose a bespoke version of the Tiger for its well-proven, anti-contamination design and other key features, including the latest probe with leak proof seal that offers increased sideways impact resistance and reliability.”

ISM developed an innovative in vehicle docking station that charges the Tiger whilst in transit, ensuring continuous real-time measurements that provide an accurate reflection of the potentially hazardous situation.

“The measurement data is immediately downloaded in graph and table format with the results plotted on maps to show potential evacuation areas,” Clemens concludes.

Providing market-leading accuracy and run time, the Tiger’s PID sensor capabilities utilise advanced patented Fence Electrode technology, a three-electrode format with increased resistance to humidity (up to 99% RH non-condensing) and contamination. Combined with 24-hour battery life, these features maximise usage by minimising erroneous readings in high humidity and drift in harsh environments. The anti-contamination design also reduces calibration frequency.

Independently verified as the industry’s best performing PID for its speed of response, accuracy and linearity, the Tiger provided the most stable, repeatable readings when tested against competitor instruments in humid and contaminated environments.

The instrument’s well proven MiniPID 2 is a simple plug and play sensor that has been specially developed by Ion Science to deliver a dynamic and reliable response to a vast number of VOCs.
Designed for rapid detection, with an unrivalled response time of just two seconds, and the widest measurement range of one part per billion (ppb) up to 20,000 parts per million (ppm)*, the robust Tiger is ready to use, straight out of the box, and if required, extremely simple to configure.

It offers worldwide Intrinsic Safety (IS) certification, making it suitable for use in potentially explosive, hazardous environments, and also meets ATEX, IECEx, North American and Canadian standards.

Inexpensive disposable parts such as filters and lamps are easy to change, minimising downtime. Simple connectivity to a PC via the USB allows data to be downloaded quickly.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Monitoring security & health of systems.

Addressing an increasingly important concern for manufacturers, Emerson is introducing upgrades to Guardian Support so users can monitor the security and health risks associated with control and software systems. These new capabilities – updated dashboards and faster access to education and support – increase an organisation’s ability to make business critical decisions to improve risk, incident, and lifecycle management.

Leveraging Emerson’s expertise in process systems health and security, Guardian Support empowers organisations to overcome the increasing complexity of managing multiple automation systems across large enterprises. The updated dashboards are built with Human Centered Design concepts to enable easier identification of actionable system needs, even across systems and locations.

“Emerson has always committed to helping customers achieve their bottom line business results by watching over and protecting their process systems investments for truly effective lifecycle management keeping them on the path to Operational Certainty,” said Bob Cruz, Guardian Support programme manager, Emerson Automation Solutions.

Designed to help users improve their overall control system expertise, the newest version of Guardian Support provides users with faster access to education and support. The redesigned Guardian portal provides quick access to educational videos customers can view anytime and anywhere there is an Internet connection. These tools help users update their knowledge of the latest version of the DeltaV™ distributed control system.

To speed up service, customers can now easily request service quotes directly through the Guardian Support site. The new request to quote feature provides quick and easy access to services and reports, including back-up and recovery, site evaluation service, cybersecurity assessment reports, loop service express, and renewal of Guardian Support. It also provides specific information to virtualised DeltaV systems and allows customers to easily view the results of their maintenance activities.

Offering new users an opportunity to try Emerson’s widely-recognised core lifecycle service, the new Guardian Connect application is a 30-day trial version of Guardian Support. Guardian Connect allows users to monitor changes in system health via a health score ticker and long-term trending data. After the trial, users can still track the Guardian Connect health score across all registered systems.

The new System Health Score trending will also be available in the Guardian Mobile application coming out in early 2017.

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