Friday, September 22, 2017

Moisture management manufacturer acquired.

The IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH, a manufacturer of innovative moisture measurement systems has been acquired by the Endress+Hauser Group. IMKO’s headquarters are  remain in Ettlingen (D), and the company’s 19 employees have been retained.

SONO Moisture probes
“The area of moisture measurement developed by IMKO further enhances our existing offering for process instrumentation with an additional key quality parameter,” says Dr Andreas Mayr, Managing Director of Endress+Hauser GmbH+Co KG, whose portfolio will be complemented by the new company. “Additionally, the technology that IMKO employs is very similar to technologies we use for level measurement.”

Innovative technology
The IMKO systems measure moisture with time domain reflectrometry (TDR), a technology based on the time of flight of reflected radar waves. This provides information regarding the dielectric constant of a material which in turn relates directly to the material’s moisture. “This innovative technology offers major advantages over other technologies,” emphasizes Andreas Mayr. “The measurement is not influenced by the material’s conductivity. IMKO’s systems are precise, reliable and cost-efficient.”

Today, IMKO’s systems are used to measure moisture in buildings and soil, for environmental monitoring and also in process engineering applications for the food & beverage, chemical and life sciences industries. “With this acquisition, we are pursuing our strategy to support customers in future from the laboratory to the process,” says Andreas Mayr, who is also responsible for Technology and Marketing within the Executive Board of the Endress+Hauser Group.

Long-term perspective
IMKO was founded in 1984 by Kurt Köhler. The 67-year-old innovator was looking to place his company in capable hands to ensure its continued success. “Endress+Hauser is in a position to address new customer segments for our products and open up international markets. As a family-owned company, Endress+Hauser furthermore represents the same values that mark the corporate culture at IMKO.”

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Connectivity solution wins security certification. @ewonrouters #PAuto @isecom #Security

The remote connectivity solution, eWON Talk2M, from HMS Industrial Networks, is now ISECOM STAR security certified.

The eWON Talk2M remote connectivity service is a key element in the eWON remote solutions from HMS Industrial Networks. Talk2M offers users a secure remote connection to industrial equipment via eWON industrial routers. Accordingly, Talk2M is regularly tested by independent companies to maintain a high security level in today’s fast-evolving technology environment.

HMS now announces that Talk2M has become ISECOM STAR certified after passing an assessment performed by the company admeritia GmbH, a vendor-independent German cybersecurity company specialized in IT Security assessment (ethical hacking) and KPI-based security measurement. The assessment was done through an OSSTMM 3.0 and OWASP audit process which included penetration tests of Talk2M targeting the cloud based infrastructure.

eWON solutions Security Manager Geoffrey Gobert comments: “The assessment was performed through a number of tests from the perspective of a malicious actor, and we got a snapshot of the overall security posture of the eWON Talk2M remote connectivity service. We are very satisfied to have successfully passed the ISECOM STAR security certification, and are committed to continue with regular security assessments to ensure that we provide secure connectivity for our customers. We always aim to identify any technical risk can translate into business risk.”

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Cloud based SHM packages!

HBM has announced its capabilities of offering complete customised, end to end cloud-based structural health monitoring (SHM) packages. The packages include all associated hardware, software, installation, and monitoring requirements, along with cloud-based data access for each customer.

Listed as one of the top 5 key players in the structural health monitoring market for North America and Europe, in a report published by the world’s largest market research store, ‘Research and Markets’, HBM offers cloud-based SHM packages which ensures around the clock wireless access to data relevant to the structural health of transport infrastructures such as bridges and tunnels. All transport structures can experience wear due to a number of factors including deterioration, incorrect construction processes, lack of quality control, accidents or even the environmental load. Observing, recording, processing and then evaluating measurements recorded via HBM’s SHM solution can detect structural changes, damage and critical stress conditions at an early stage. Early detection allows the customer to react in a proper way thereby guaranteeing the functional capability and continued safe operations of these structures before any serious damage is caused.

Customized packages include sensors, measuring amplifiers, the data acquisition software, data transmission and analysis reports. This complete package of consulting, delivery and project management, installation and integration, maintenance and operation of the measuring system, as well as the provision of information, is indispensible to ensuring the successful use of a structural health monitoring system. HBM’s expertise in the test and measurement industry naturally complements their new SHM package, allowing users to freely select technologies that best fit their respective measurement tasks.

All data collected is available wirelessly to customers accessed via the HBM Cloud. Depending on the project and customer requirements, information like dynamic variables such as natural frequencies, attenuation levels or traffic loads, axle loads, as well as static parameters such as misalignment, change in deflection, stresses and limit values are all recorded and stored. Cloud storage eliminates the need for a dedicated server for data collection and analysis. Furthermore through the use of Microsoft Azure, HBM’s cloud partner, the highest security is ensured.

Measurement data alone is not sufficient in today’s market. Data transmission, automatic alarms and analysis, comprehensive logs as well as remote diagnostics and control are indispensible for operating monitoring systems. Whether it is a complex company network or a stand-alone solution, HBM is able to provide a customised SHM package, designed to suit individual customer requirements.

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Radar level instrument.

The 80 GHz Micropilot FMR6x free space radar level instrument for process applications has been introduced Endress+Hauser. It is suitable for use in tanks or silos with complex geometries, obstacles, baffles and/or nozzles. Its small beam angle of only 3 degrees provides level measurement at distances up to 410 feet with accuracy to ±1mm. Outputs include 4-20mA with HART and an optional open collector switch output or two 4-20mA outputs.

The Micropilot FMR6x 80 GHz device features reduced tank wall effects, less interference from obstacles, and the ability to measure lower dielectric media. The FMR6x’s process connection, as small as 3/4 inch, allows for installation in tanks with small process connections, in tall nozzles, and through ball valves. The instrument’s antenna is designed to resist sticky buildup and condensation. Built-in mapping performs false echo suppression, easing commissioning.

Developed in accordance with IEC 61508 and with international XP approvals, the FMR6x is suitable for use in SIL 2 and SIL 3 hazardous locations. Additionally, the FMR6x utilizes Heartbeat Technology for on demand verification without process interruption, Heartbeat SIL proof test complete with a proof test report, and Heartbeat Monitoring with fast and easy wizards for foam or buildup detection.

If problems occur, the instrument provides standardized diagnostic messages developed according to NE 107 with clear instructions for action. Optionally, Heartbeat Technology can generate a verification protocol providing a report that may be required for compliance with regulations, laws and standards.

The FMR6x has an integrated HistoROM® data memory and management modules to enable fast and easy commissioning, maintenance and diagnostics. Intuitive, menu-guided operating wizards at the instrument—via free DeviceCare or FTD compliant software, or remotely at the control system—reduce setup and field maintenance costs.

The FMR6x is part of the FMR family of free space radar level sensors ranging from 1 GHz to 80 GHz, all with Heartbeat Technology and HistoROM data memory.

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Inspiring more females into the industry.

SolutionsPT hosted local primary and secondary school pupils at their Cheadle (GB) HQ, as part of a ‘Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) for Girls’ day, designed to encourage more girls to pursue STEM subjects and careers.

A picture of concentration
Twenty girls from Years 4 to 10 from local schools, including Marple Hall, St Mary’s and Bradshaw Hall Primary, took part in a series of fun challenges, using engineering concepts to build freestanding structures and even designing and building their own Batak machines which they later competed on.

The girls were introduced to female engineers working at SolutionsPT and shown the types of careers and salaries they could pursue with STEM qualifications. The pupils were also introduced to concepts such as cloud computing and control system architectures.

SolutionsPT plans to run further STEM days with local schools and colleges throughout the year.

Sue Roche, General Manager at SolutionsPT, said: “Engineering and technology plays a vital role in our economy and there’s increasing demand for highly skilled STEM candidates. Despite this, only 2% of A levels last year were in subjects such as Computing or ICT. This figure is even lower amongst girls and there remains a view that engineering and technology roles are only for boys. We want to challenge this outdated view and show girls the range of interesting, well paid and fulfilling careers they could have access to if they pursue STEM subjects.”

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Capturing and transmitting process automation knowledge.

The retirement of experienced engineers has long been of concern across the industrial sectors as companies have tried to find effective ways to capture and transmit vital knowledge to new generations of automation professionals.

The work of the ISA106 standards committee, Procedure Automation for Continuous Process Operations, is intended to provide a framework for building some of that knowledge into automated procedures. This is especially important for such plant procedures as startup, shutdown, product grade change and the like – as studies have shown that plants are particularly vulnerable to safety incidents caused by inexperienced operators performing unfamiliar manual functions during such key operations. This and all other ISA standards are available for download here- ISA Standards: Numerical Order.

ISA106 has completed a new technical report that describes work processes involved with automating procedures that monitor and control continuous processes. ISA-TR106.00.02-2017, Procedure Automation for Continuous Process Operations – Work Processes, applies to new process facilities as well as to control upgrades to existing facilities.

The technical report is not intended to instruct organizations on how to identify and justify projects or to provide the details of work processes, but rather to set forth a generic set of work processes that provides guidance for procedure automation project execution phases.

“The work processes used by end users are critical for the successful completion of capital projects and projects funded out of operating expenses,” points out Dave Emerson of Yokogawa, who serves as ISA106 editor. “The new technical report provides a guide to how end users’ work processes can be designed to account for the automation of continuous process operations.

“The report reflects the combined knowledge and foresight of engineers from many different end users, automation suppliers, and consultants. That knowledge can and should be used by owner-operators to improve their own work processes, by automation suppliers to improve products and services, and by consultants to help improve end users and automation suppliers to make the process industries safer and more efficient.”

To date, ISA106 has focused on the current state of the continuous process industries. The committee will now begin work on a requirements-based standard that will draw on the information developed it its earlier work.

•  One of the many benefits of ISA membership is free viewing of most ISA standards. Visit the Member Access to ISA Standards page for more information.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Distribution blocks: Simply unpack, connect, and you're done!

The new PTFIX distribution blocks from Phoenix Contact can be used straight away without manual bridging, enabling space savings of up to 80%.

The 1.5 mm² and 2.5 mm² distribution blocks are available with various numbers of positions and can be arranged in series without loss of pitch, and they can be flexibly extended as needed.

The distribution blocks are also available with DIN-rail, direct or adhesive mounting, allowing you to flexibly build any application. Pre-treated or rigid conductors are connected quickly with the tool-free push-in direct connection technology. Transverse installation on the DIN rail and the compact design achieves space savings of up to 50%.

Distribution and power blocks with 6, 12, and 18 terminal points are available in eleven colours for clear, intuitive, and safe installation. The marking of all terminal points ensures a very clear wiring layout. The PTFIX distribution blocks therefore ensure flexible and cost-effective load and control current distribution.

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